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YRAM Enterprises

Animated Gifs by YRAM

Hello!  My name is YRAM and I am both the animator and the webmaster of   I have been creating animated gifs for almost 15 years now and have distributed freebies for most of this time period. Every once in a while, I get angry and remove my freebies because I find a webmaster is distributing my animated gifs without my permission and capitalizing upon my hard work and expense! Over the years, I have spent thousands of dollars purchasing 3d digital models in order to create my animated gifs and have not recovered the cost of the models or been compensated for the time I spent working on them. Yet, I love creating animated gifs and continue my "labor of love".

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Many of my animated gifs were created when 800x600 was the standard display setting for computers. With the variety of display settings available in the 21st century, some of the older animated gifs in my collection may appear to be small &/OR grainy on computer monitors OR cell phones which have high definition screens. The more recent additions to my collection of animated gifs have been created in much larger pixel sizes.

When creating animated gifs, I choose to break all the rules. Some of the file sizes are large because I want my animated gifs to appear as "realistic" as possible in terms of color, detail, and motion. I also believe that people should not have to strain their eyes to see an animated gif.

Animated gifs are made in 256 or less colors. I know about "color reduction" in order to make animated gifs smaller in file size, but, I love brilliant color and only reduce the range of colors in an animated gif, if absolutely necessary. My preference is based upon the fact that varying shades of color (including lighting and shadow effects), accentuate the details in an image and make the image appear more realistic &/or visually appealing. The more detail there is in an animated gif, the greater the file size.

The number of frames in an animated gif also increase the file size. I often use 15 or 30 frames for my animated gifs because I have found motion to appear more fluid or natural with these number of frames. The timing (i.e. frame delay) of each frame is also an important factor that affects the appearance of the motion.

Loading time is an important factor for a busy web site. For this reason, I recommend that you never place more than 2 animated gifs on one page unless the web page is a full page greeting or animated picture to illustrate a specific theme. Placing too many animated gifs in one area of a page can be very distracting for viewers. It is far more effective to use animated gifs sparingly and strategically. See Factors Affecting Web Page Loading for more info on this topic.

I hope that you find my animated gifs both fun and useful!

I charge a reasonable fee for custom-made graphics, animations, logos, and banners. For more info about my custom-made graphics and animations, click on this link:   Custom Animations & Graphics.

warm regards,
YRAM (aka Mary)
of YRAM Enterprises's
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