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SORRY... new members are not being accepted at this time!

Membership fees help cover's expenses!

The animated gifs on were created with 3d digital models. Membership fees are used to cover the costs of the 3d digital models and software used to create the animated gifs in the large "Members Only" collection. Membership fees also assist with web hosting and internet costs.

The Benefits of Becoming a Member:

As a member, you gain access to 1650+ animated gifs with a variety of themes and a growing collection of still image backgrounds. New animated gifs and backgrounds are added on a regular basis. You can also create your own background images using graphics/clipart available in png, jpg, gif and bmp formats. Some backgrounds were saved in psd layers which can be edited using Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 OR any graphics editor capable of reading and editing image layers. See the list of themes and view sample animated gifs using the WEB SITE DIRECTORY

Animated Gifs are easy to use with no installation file:

Animated gifs were created specifically for the Internet and thus, display on all major web browsers (i.e. Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator Firefox and AOL's browser). Animated gifs can also be used in a variety of e-mail software enabling you to create your own unique e-mail greetings. There are also ready-made cyber-greetings available in the Members Only section. Many members create PowerPoint Presentations using these animated gifs and still image backgrounds.

There is no formal installation to your computer. You simply copy the animated gifs and still image graphics to your computer from the web pages in the password-protected "Members Only" section of

The animated gifs in the collection are available with transparent black backgrounds (which look best on darker background images) and transparent white backgrounds (which look best on lighter background images). Many of the animated gifs have also been made with a clear transparent background as well as light and dark grey transparent backgrounds which look good on pictures (i.e. scenery or indoor settings).

Factors affecting your viewing experience:

Many of my animated gifs were created when 800x600 was the standard display setting for computers and web browsers. With the variety of display settings available in the 21st century, some of the older animated gifs in my collection may appear to be small &/OR grainy on computer monitors OR cell phones which have high definition screens. The more recent additions to my collection of animated gifs have been created in much larger pixel sizes.

Your choice of web browser will also affect the appearance of animated gifs, graphics and video files. Google Chrome reduces the screen size of web pages, thus reducing the size of any animated gifs, graphics and video file on web pages. Whereas, Microsoft Internet Explorer increases the screen size of web pages and therefore, the very same animated gifs, still images and video files appear quite different in size when viewed using Chrome AND Internet Explorer.

License NOT Ownership:

The membership fee includes a license to display the animated gifs on your computer, on your web site, in your newsletters, in your personal screen savers, in your Microsoft PowerPoint slideshows, in your personal videos and in your personal e-mail greetings as long as you always include the following copyright information at the bottom of your web page, newsletter, screen saver, slideshow, video, or e-mail greeting:  

animated gifs are copyright by YRAM Enterprises, 2015 at

The membership fee DOES NOT grant you ownership of the animated gifs. These animated gifs remain the property of their creator and copyright owner:  YRAM Enterprises, 2015. Click on the copyright link above for more information about what this means. Please contact YRAM at, if you wish to use the graphics for a business. For small businesses, the fees remain the same.'s
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